TAC, Private (no doctor referral needs), Life time care, DVA, Medicare, Health Funds, NDIS

At Lime Therapy, our team work with you to achieve, meaningful, individual goals to build your best life.  Here are some of the ways we can help you with your NDIS journey:

  • We identify your strengths, interests, opportunities and challenges and help you to put into action a plan that works best for you to achieve your goals.
  • You choose here we work with you: at home, at school, in your local community or even at your favourite park.  Where and ow we deliver our service is flexible.
  • Together we build the skills and capacity to increase your participation and enhance your independence with daily living activities (eating, toileting and dressing, shopping, budgeting, transportation, cooking and home safety and more)
  • We provide education and training to families, carers and key service providers to encourage participation and improver performance of day to day tasks.
  • We work with you to enhance fine motor skills, strength, coordination, balance, gross motor skills, play skills, self-care skills, employability skills and more!
  • We understand the value of relationships and help you to build confidence to develop social skills and interpersonal interactions 
  • Little things can make a huge difference. We look at how we can modify or adapt your environment to improve your day to day habits
  • Together, we develop skills that can improve your information processing, working memory, time management and organisation skills. It’s all about how together, we can make life easier.