At Lime physiotherapy, our well equipped and trained therapists are here to help you.


We offer treatment for a wide variety of injuries and presentations including the following:

  • Postural assessments and retraining
  • Acute and chronic neck and back pain
  • Hip, Knee, ankle, shoulder Injuries
  • Sporting injuries
  • Injury and disease prevention/maintenance
  • Pre and post operative treatment
  • Core stability and strengthening (including pilates)
  • Nerve entrapment/irritation
  • Headaches
  • Exercise prescription both for injury and well being
  • Respiratory physio including exacerbation of asthma, pneumonia, bronchiectasis and chest infections
  • Women’s Health


Lime physiotherapy offers tailored rehabilitation programs and treatments for those preparing for surgery as well as post surgical rehabilitation. Rehabilitation for improving body function may include reconstructive surgeries, joint replacement, tissue repair as well as cardiovascular surgical interventions. We will work closely with you to ensure your rehabilitation is monitored and progressed to restore physical function. Rehabilitation can also be provided to those with balance and proprioception loss (including the elderly) both at our clinic or home based setting.

Neurological Rehabilitation

Neurological rehabilitation aims to retrain and regain physical functioning through thorough analysis of task performance. Neurological presentations may include

  • Brain or spinal cord injury (traumatic or acquired)
  • Stroke
  • Neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis

Interventions range from being able to maintain postures and basic movement patterns to high level mobility and function. Rehabilitation is managed in a holistic manner which addresses not only physical function but also cognitive, sensory and behaviour issues. We offer neurological rehabilitation at our clinic and gym as well as in the home.

Clinical Pilates

Pilates is a form of exercise that involves training the stabilising muscles of the body’s core (the core refers to the abdominal and lower back region). The core muscles include the pelvic floor muscle group and the deep abdominals (transverse abdominus).

Pilates aims to improve the endurance and control of these muscles, allowing for increased spinal stability and a better quality of movement. This extends to movements and stability of the hips, legs, upper trunk, and arms. Thus, utilising larger muscle groups for movement whilst ensuring the smaller core stabilising muscles remain activated to provide a smooth, efficient movement overall.

Clinical Pilates is a tailored program for each individual that can be used to rehabilitate patient’s injuries for greater overall control of movement. These may be injuries to the lower back (lumbar spine), upper back (thoracic spine), hip/pelvis region, or it can be related to sporting or workplace injuries of the legs or shoulders and arms. Pilates is also a great exercise routine to improve quality of movement and posture, even without an injury.

Clinical Pilates utilises a mixture of equipment (e.g. reformer, fit-balls) and floor/mat exercises to achieve effective long-term, evidence-based results.

Workcover & TAC

One of the most important aspects for injury management (whether this is work-related injuries, car accidents, sporting injuries, or everyday aches and pains), is having early treatment. Early intervention allows for a early thorough assessment of any injuries, and effective treatment, with the ultimate aim of getting you back to what you need to do as soon as safely possible.

For work-injuries, this is paramount. Even if you can return to work in some capacity, evidence has shown that this will speed your recovery and rehabilitation. Thus you feel better sooner and get back to your work and lifestyle habits sooner. Our Physiotherapists at Lime Therapy have a lot of experience in treating clients under Workcover and TAC, which can dramatically reduce the confusing processes surrounding your claim. Often it’s as simple as liaising closely with employers and other medical professionals involved in your care, so everyone is on the same page and focused on your recovery, including yourself!

Lime Therapy is TAC and Worksafe Framework Registered, we are also NSW Workcover approved.

Physiotherapy in the aged care facilities.

Lime therapy currently provides physiotherapy services to a number of Aged care facilities around the Sunraysia area. Our physio’s are involved in many aspects of the day to day provision of services within the facilities including falls and balance assessments, equipment prescription, pain assessment and management. Our therapists can also provide staff training for your staff including mandatory manual handling training and exercises for staff.

Falls and balance assessments

The falls and balance assessment can occur after a fall or if the staff feel the resident is at risk of falls. The physio will assess the resident and make recommendations that may include ongoing exercises, review and prescription of walking and mobility aids and a change in their mobility status. This can help reduce the number of falls within the facility and keep residents safer.

Equipment prescription

Lime Physiotherapists can also be utilised to prescribe the right transfer equipment for the residents by conducting specific assessments and measuring the residents function, movement and strength. The right equipment for the right resident can help to reduce incidents with both residents and staff.

Pain assessment and management

Physiotherapists are also able to assess, treat and manage pain within the facilities. This can often be funded through ACFI (Aged Care Funding Instrument). Managing residents’ pain in the facilities via physiotherapy can help to maintain happy and healthy residents as well as provide staff with much needed support.


Our therapists are able to provide training for all your staff from Care staff to administration to maintenance. Training can include but not limited to Office ergonomics, Manual handling, staff use of lifters and transfer aids, work ergonomics and staff exercises for health and fitness. Feel free to contact us to discuss your training needs.

Pre employment Assessment

A professional physical assessment conducted by one of our experienced therapists at Lime Therapy can be one of the most important components of the recruitment process. It allows you to match the job demands to the worker’s physical capacity and helps identify if someone has an injury or is at risk of one.

The physical assessments conducted in our brand new premises assesses the ability for an individual to perform the physical demands of their job, and thus reducing the risk of workplace injuries and lost time for your business. Our experienced physiotherapists will assess all relevant areas and conduct clinical tests for pathology or conditions that may impact the ability for a client to complete their work safe. Strength assessments will also be included to ensure the individual has the physical capability to work.

Benefits to the Employer include:

  • Identification of risk factors that a potential employee may have including previous injuries and other strength or functionality issues to injury.
  • Confirmation that the individual has adequate strength to complete job requirements, ensuring functional competence for work tasks resulting in less injuries.
  • Provides a base record of pre-employment capacity affording some protection against false claims of injury.
  • Record of pre-employment capacity helps to identify full recovery from an injury that may occur at work.
  • Knowing the current health and fitness levels of the future employee
  • Learning the potential employees

We can tailor the assessment to whatever needs or demands your company has or can complete one your company has already developed. Please contact our friendly reception staff if you would like further information.

Lime Clinic Gym

Lime therapy clinic has a state-of–the–art gym, where therapists can simulate the client’s own gym for workout purposes or create a custom exercise program designed to challenge and rehabilitate each individual to their maximal potential. Our Lime Avenue gym, provides a treadmill and stationary exercise bike, free weights, balance and stretching equipment as well as resistance bands and graduated exercise balls. It is also large enough to accommodate several clients for small group workout  sessions.

Home Visits

Lime Therapy is proud to offer the only “in  home” physiotherapy services in the Sunraysia region. If you can’t make it into our clinic, then we will come to you. We provide service for the assessment of your injuries or problems in your own home. We will design a program of exercises or provide “hands on” manual therapy techniques to get you back to living your best  life. If  needed, we also can provide electrotherapy services, in the form of therapeutic ultrasound or TENS application, utilising our portable treatment tables and chairs. This service is especially useful for our non-driving clients or if it is  just too taxing to  get out to our clinic on Lime Avenue.