Approximately 1 in 3 women who have ever had a baby will experience problems with bladder control (e.g. leaking with a cough or a sneeze, or when rushing to the toilet) at some stage in their lives. Many women feel that this is ‘normal,’ just part of having a baby, or getting older.  Many people may also be embarrassed by loss of bladder or bowel control, and are therefore reluctant to seek help.

Lime Physiotherapy is pleased to announce the commencement of our Women’s Health and Continence service. Our physiotherapists can assist you to improve and regain control of your bladder or bowel problems, through a comprehensive assessment of your pelvic floor muscles, in a private, professional setting.

If you have problems with the control of your bladder or bowel, have been told to do ‘pelvic floor exercises’ but are not sure what that means, have recently had a baby or gynaecological surgery, or have had treatment for pelvic cancer, our physiotherapist may be able to help. Men may also have bladder and bowel control problems, especially following prostate surgery and are encouraged to seek our assistance.

Loss of control of the bladder or bowel, not matter how small, is never normal – but it is common. There are things you can do to improve this, and improve your confidence.