Occupational Therapy Driver Rehabilitation Service

The driving assessment is a 2 1⁄2 - 3 hour assessment including off and on road components.
The off road component is conducted by a driver trained occupational therapist and the on road component by the driver trained occupational therapist and a driving instructor.

The off-road assessment is conducted by a driver trained occupational therapist and consists of the following components:

  • Interview concerning clients medical and driving history
  • Physical screen to determine the presence and extent of any physical limitations
  • Cognitive screen to determine the presence of any difficulties with concentration, attention, memory, problem solving and planning skills
  • Knowledge of current right of way road rules to ensure client can apply them to appropriately simulated situations
  • Vision screen to assess visual acuity, peripheral vision and eye movements. When clients have a specific visual problem, a vision assessment is completed by an optometrist or other vision specialist

This information is used to determine whether equipment, car modifications or specialist driving techniques need to be trialled during the on-road component of the assessment.
The on road assessment is completed in the driving instructor’s vehicle with dual controls. Automatic and manual vehicles are available. The assessment commences in quiet streets and may progress to more complex situations.


Driving Assessment


Driving Assessment


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The assessment is completed by the following people:
1. Driving Instructor who sits in the passenger seat with access to dual controls. 2. The Driver Trained Occupational Therapist sits in the back seat of the vehicle.
When appropriate, feedback is provided during the assessment in order to give the opportunity to improve driving performance.


At the conclusion of the on road component, the outcome of the assessment will be discussed with you, and where appropriate, a recommended driver rehabilitation program is agreed upon. You will be provided with a Driving Assessment Outcome Summary.

Possible outcomes of the assessment are:

  • Maintain current licence status with or without a short course of lessons
  • Downgrade licence to Class C Learner’s licence in order to complete a driver rehabilitation program
  • Downgrade licence from a heavy vehicle or rider class to a C-Class licence, prior to assessment in these vehicles Suspension of licence to enable further recovery
  • Cancellation of driver’s licence as a result of a medical condition.

At the conclusion of the assessment the occupational therapist will write a report which will be sent to VicRoads (Victoria) or the RMS (NSW) and to other recipients as agreed.
The Licensing Authority makes the final decision on licence status.